What does your audience want to read?

Put vote icons in your text, find out what to write about next.

Put vote icons in your blog posts at places where you touch on a topic you can write more about. Your blog readers can use them to quickly vote for topics that they find interesing.

How it works?

Integrate in your blog in 5 minutes and start collecting votes.

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Your statistics

Example statistics screen for I Want To Read More


You can embed the vote links in your text directly or use our JavaScript library for more functionality.


Your readers can vote for topics they find interesing and want to read more about in the future.


In the dashboard, you can see which topics received the most vote and decide what to write about next.

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Why use I Want To Read More?

Open source. Open statistics. Open development.


I Want To Read More is very easy to start with. Embed the links directly or use our JavaScript library to create vote links like this one . If you want to stay fully in control and not load any external content, we have a guide how to do that as well in the documentation.


We are building in the open. All code is open-sourced on GitHub. Our statistics and roadmap are publicly available. We share the thought process behind technical and business decisions and tutorials about how and why we use specific technologies.

Privacy Oriented

We don't collect any data about your readers, except their votes. We don't store cookies so you don't need an ugly cookie banner. We don't log IP addresses. We don't sell your data. I Want To Read More is a paid service, so our incentives are aligned.


I Want To Read More is free during the beta stage.



✔ All features

✔ No votes limit

✔ Free while in beta

Try for free

The service will be completely free while it is in a beta stage.


$5 /mo

✔ All features

✔ 1.000 votes per month

Coming soon

Best for new or smaller blogs with not many votes per month


$10 /mo

✔ All features

✔ 10.000 votes per month

Coming soon

Suitable for popular blogs with many visitors and votes